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Located just west of West Oaks Mall in Houston, across the street from the U-Haul Center on Westhiemer.

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Southwest Bullion Market News

As the U.S. Dollar continued to weaken, Gold hit all time highs on Friday, 9/24/10 in excess of $1,300 per ounce. Gold often trades disproportionately and inversely from the Dollar and the recent announcements by the U.S. Federal Reserve to readily stimulate the economy with increasing cash has caused the world value of the Dollar to decline.

The world markets are concerned that "quantitative easing" by the Federal Reserve along with the announced purchases of U.S. government debt will cause the aggregate number of Dollars in the market to increase without any corresponding increase in U.S. productivity. Markets seem to react under the belief that this Federal Reserve action is both destructive to the purchasing power of the Dollar and raises the potential of increased inflation in future years.

The Wall Street Journal quoted a senior trader as saying, "This is a recipe for records in gold." The Bloomberg news observes that Gold is an asset sought as "a protection of wealth and an alternative to the weakening dollar." In an online article, quoted analysts at Commerzbank as stating, "Investors are primarily seeking gold as a stable currency."

Silver also hit 30-year highs during the day as the junior metal moved proportionately alongside Gold at a historically balanced relationship of 62:1 in relative value.

With the recent statements by the Federal Reserve and the corresponding responses by the global markets on the Dollar (and the global reaction in Gold), you are encouraged to re-examine your asset allocations of Cash, Stocks, Bonds and Tangibles. Perhaps the information in the marketplace will demonstrate that a re-balancing of your allocations should include more funds into Tangibles and specifically into Gold, Silver and precious metals.

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